for you 

Originally for set for stage, this piece choreographed and performed by Jayne Paley was her farewell to New York City. After living there for over 7 years, she moved to Boston to pursue her Masters degree, but before she left I thought it was important to adapt this solo for film with NYC as the backdrop. 

I will follow you 

One of my closest friends and former dance teacher Nikole LaChioma came to me with the idea for this dance film. Recently married, she was looking for something thoughtful to give her man for Christmas and stumbled upon this beautiful cover of one of their favorite songs, I Will Follow You. The rest is history! Not much beats a day dancing around in the forests of western Connecticut with your bestie!

new york live arts: you'll still call me by name

Produced by the amazing Nel Shelby Productions in partnership with New York Live Arts, this piece was used for promoting Sonya Tayeh's piece "you'll still call me by name," which premiered at New York Live Arts in December 2016. Nel Shelby is, and has been, the go-to videographer for dance companies in the New York City area and beyond for over 10 years now, so it is always an honor to work together!