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making your vision come to life.

Whatever it is that you have been working on- an event you’ve been developing for your community, music you’ve been writing, a dance piece you’ve had in your head, a start-up you’re trying to get off the ground, I love that video has the ability to take these ideas and images, and bring them to life. It allows for incredible memories and milestones in your business to stay alive after the moment has passed and increase the impact of your work. It gives a voice and a platform to share your story. Through video, it is my goal to capture all of this in the most artful and authentic way that we can. 



Watch the trailer for our latest dance film, Freedom of the Wilderness

Follow our travels.

One of my favorite aspects of what I do is the freedom I have to explore places of the world that I’ve never been to, and draw inspiration from these experiences. It has become a priority to continue traveling as often as I can to witness the beauty of the world and the people in it! In just 2017 alone, my partner and collaborator Nate Reininga and I were so lucky to spend time in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, the colorful and vibrant city of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, desert landscapes of New Mexico, travel on an Eastern Europe road trip through Bosnia, Hungary, and Poland, and explore the natural wonders of Iceland, all the while always returning home to the endlessly inspiring New York City.  

Check out the aerial travel reel Nate of LookWatchLook Productions has put together to highlight some of our journeys from this past year!



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