theater development fund: matters 

Theater Development Fund, the nation's largest performing arts non-profit organization, partnered with the Dream Center Harlem to create "Matters," an art-crawl that hosted tours to galleries in the Harlem neighborhood and an event that transformed the center into its own gallery of local artists. It concluded with revealing a commissioned mural by local artist Tony Gonzalez. And also lots of champagne. 


the dream center: 5 year anniversary

The Dream Center Harlem is a haven in New York City!! Over the past 5 years they have offered free programming, classes, workshops, and so much more to the Harlem community to help people both realize and actualize their dreams. Their 5 year celebration included a 'Dreamapalooza,' where attendees pitched and voted on an idea to help bring into fruition, a discussion with New York State senator Brian Benjamin and 2 motivational speakers, and even an entire room dedicated towards walking people through detailed steps to visualizing their dreams. This place is oozing with heart and joy and truly lifts the spirits of their local community. 

theater development fund: open doors

Open Doors is an incredible year-long program sponsored by the Theater Development Fund that gives groups of students an opportunity to attend theater and dance performances and work with mentors on exploring and understanding the stories they see on stage.  This video highlights the end of year graduation ceremony, where students from all different schools and groups join to celebrate the joy that attending theater and Open Doors has brought them.