high desert dog hikes 

Our friends at High Desert Dog Hikes are providing an incredible service to dog owners in Santa Fe, New Mexico - taking packs of 10 dogs out at a time on tours through the mountains to explore, run, and build relationships with each other. We had such a blast making this video and trying to keep up with all of these pups! 

The Heath Fair Promotional Video

We have been working on a full length documentary following the people of Heath, MA and their annual summer fair, celebrating it's 100th year this season.  This small town is jam packed with heart and passion for it's agricultural traditions and resilience of keeping the fair alive year after year. This video served as both a promotional tool for this summer's fair as well as a sneak-peek into the full length film, premiering in 2018. 

Appcard Client Testimonial Videos

Appcard, a start-up company who has developed a new kind of loyalty program for businesses, created technology that intelligently and efficiently benefits both merchants and their customers. We've created a series of videos with Appcard highlighting their success across the country.

women's choice aesthetics & mammography 

Women's Choice is a health center in Connecticut that offers its clients a comfortable environment to examine and treat their cosmetic goals and medical needs.  I learned so much from making this video, from the technology used for creating a pain-free biopsy experience to the significance of 3D mammography.